Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raw Garlic Sandwich

Garlic is a wonderful anti-viral. Eaten on a regular basis, it can bolster the body's immune function along with the more talked about cardiovascular benefits. An aromatic herb, simply handling cut garlic will introduce it into the blood through the skin and then, on to the breath. A social solution? Eat raw garlic for dinner and have the whole family eat it -- you'll all stink together!

Halitosis aside, that smell on the breath is our assurance that garlic is active in the lungs. Autopsies conducted on swine flu victims (The Nation, 7/23/09) reveal H1N1 virus deep within the lung. Experts are warning individuals with lung disease such as asthma to take extra precautions this "dual flu" season. Will scientific studies be conducted on the efficacy of raw garlic to prevent or mitigate the symptoms of swine flu? Probably not, but I'll be eating it just the same.

Sarnsamak, Pongphon. "Type-A(H1N1) virus attacks lungs." The Nation 23 Jul 2009 Webl 15 Aug 2009.
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