Saturday, September 19, 2009

I ♥ Guts
It's the biology teacher in me, I know.
I love the plushy stuffed internal organs (the black heart, too cute!), the lapel pins with their witty slogans (testicle pin says "having a ball"), and of course, the ultra-nerdy t-shirts ("When Urine Love" features two smitten kidneys). But it's the interactive website itself that has me enchanted. Mouse over an organ to learn its name, click on it and learn its function -- there's got to be a way to use that in a biology lesson!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Spent a hot and sweaty Saturday and Sunday seated behind an 8 foot table introducing Tucson folks to my herbal products at an eco-conscious vendor fair. Sunday's headache began during the drive downtown, simmered nicely as a I hauled my wares and set up my booth, and was in full-force by the time I opened shop. I have several species of headache; this was the one characterized by sensitivity to bright light and pain radiating into my right eyeball. It was one that liked to hang around, spend some time with me. Wonderful, I thought, I've got 6 hours ahead of me in the bright Tucson sun!

I scanned the products I'd brought with me to sample: teas, salves, and tinctures. Which of these would do the trick? What imbalance was taking place in my innards that was creating a headache? I placed my bets on bad festival food from the previous day and selected Milk Thistle (to support liver metabolism), Nettles leaf & seed (nutrition and minerals), and Dandelion root & leaf (more liver activation, plus minerals and nutrients) -- four droppers (almost a teaspoon!) of each -- and copious amounts of Sonoran Mint green tea. Fifteen minutes later, I felt the slightest stirrings of relief. Encouraged, I dosed up again, this time leaving the Milk Thistle out of it and using only the Nettles and Dandelion, 4 droppers of each. A half hour later, the headache was history. Ah yerbas, how I love you so!
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