Monday, January 11, 2010

McNugget Addiction Wreaks Mayhem

This recent spate of fast food related tantrums has got me thinking.

Deprived of her McNuggets, Melodi Dushane punches the drive through girl in the mouth. She then punches out the drive through window.

Told that the McNuggets had run out, Latreasa Goodman called 911.

Is it the chicken? Or is it a McNugget ingredient that makes them irresistible?

Perhaps the Colonel is sharing recipes with Ronald:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Only the Names Have Changed

Pretend you're holding something small between thumb and forefinger. Now bring it to your lips, "You mean those kind of herbs?"

A standard witticism coughed up upon learning I am an herbalist, yeah, I hadn't heard that one.

Often its followed quickly by, "Got anything for hangovers?"
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.

I bottled my hangover remedy and decorated it with an image from the Mexican LoterĂ­a game, El Borracho, "the Drunkard" (rendered by artist Daphne Young) . "But Becki," says my friend Maggie, "People won't get it. They'll think that's just what a regular Mexican looks like."
The remedy includes Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, and Nettles leaf -- herbs that make you feel better, bringing balance while protecting the liver. And it's not just for hangovers! It works really well on headaches and even migraines caused by digestive imbalances, disbiotic states caused by eating and drinking the wrong things -- a food hangover, my husband calls them.

But turns out Maggie was probably right. Aside from the 18 to 24 year old set, it is a wildly unpopular product. At vendor events, it is rarely asked about and no one ever picks it up. It has not sold through at the retail accounts that carry it. What I thought of as the whimsical use of imagery from my childhood might as well have been a skull and crossbones. I've got to change the name. And lose the art.

I wonder though. Is it the drunk Mexican on the label, or the incongruity of a health product used to ameliorate the effects of an unhealthy activity?

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