Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spent a good part of yesterday out of doors. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy that.

Morning was about gathering and tincturing Shepherd's Purse with my twice-weekly student (I'm realizing I prefer the title of 'student' to 'apprentice').

In the afternoon my son and I walked along a large Tucson wash and scouted for Wild Oats. We found an amazing grove of Elder trees and just generally stared into stands of wildflowers, at circling hawks, and into the cold clear water.

Far too much of late afternoon and evening were spent combing through Arizona Flora (Kearney & Peebles!) attempting to key out a Mint we brought home from the wash. We got as far as a genera (Agastache), but gave up on the species as the house grew dark.

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Nicolette Bond said...

I love the little heart's on these plants, I'm collecting some today! Beautiful picture...

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