Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adios La Yerberia, for now

I'm going on another one of my geriatric support gigs. Rather than deal with the intricacies of long-distance order fulfillment, I'm shutting down the website for a few weeks. But I know it will be longer than that.

Driving the land yacht to Houston again, ferrying my plane-phobic aunt to her medical treatment, 6 hours away. I'll load the CD player with Rocio Dúrcal, Dean Martin, and Johnny Cash and soak up the stories that the music coaxes from the old ladies. It'll be 3 of them and me. I'm no spring chicken, but in their eyes I'm always a kid. A kid who can now make their hotel reservations, order their Whataburgers, pilot the Lincoln, and interpret the medical-speak. 

That's my aunt Lucha in the picture. Bet you know which one is her. That's Gustavo in the hat, my grandfather, her dad. This photo's been tucked in a pocket of her dayplanner for years. Well, I call it "her dayplanner", but it's not hers. It's where I keep her numbers, pins, and paperwork. 

I stare at it from time to time, but I've got no insights. For me it is a meditation on the passage of time and it's interaction with a life, with relationship, with choices, and with debt.

Anyhow. I'm shutting down the website. Here's a little Rocio Dúrcal for you, Amor Eterno.

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