Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Community Partnership

Excited to be working with a group of kids from the neighborhood high school. 

We volunteer together at an assisted living complex, meeting once a week to piece quilts with elders. The quilts are donated to a women's shelter. Although that's cool, it's not what I'm excited about. 

They've got a class garden, growing artichoke. I asked for a couple of leaves but they probably figured that anyone asking for the leaves didn't understand artichoke, and so did not bring me any. I asked again, this time explaining the leaves' future as tincture.

They brought four leaves, enough for a quart and a half of tincture. Today I brought the macerating jars in, as show-and-tell. 

What else are you planting? Calendula? Ever think of selling it? Cash to buy garden supplies. We're working out the details. So excited that I'm in!

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