Monday, June 5, 2017

Hello, my name is Becki, and I'm a plant person...

Today I updated my public profile for my etsy shop. It'd been a while. Thought I'd post it here as well:

Hello! Thanks for visiting! I'm Becki, lifelong plant person and herbalist at La Yerberia Botanicals. Where I grew up, herb shops are called "yerberias", so that's the name I gave to my herb business. I love biology and used to teach high school until my love of herbs grew so huge that I had no choice but to go all in -- all herbal, all the time! I still spend time teaching, only now I teach about herbs and how to use them, so in that respect, the biology still comes in handy!

My herbal blends have evolved from caring for my children, family, friends and sometimes, pets. They're the time-tested blends I know to be fast-acting and effective!

I'm super-picky about ingredients so I wild-harvest all that I can. I grow those herbs that'll thrive in my desert garden and purchase only those herbs that will not grow in the southwest.

The areas where I wild-harvest are far from roads and upstream from city runoff. Often I have to wait for the correct season to roll around before I'll pick again. I'll take only what allows for sustainable re-growth. As I harvest, I high-grade my herbs, selecting the best, most vibrant plant material.

My products are recognized and used by health professionals here in the southwest. They're available through this etsy shop, through the La Yerberia Botanicals website and at retail shops around Tucson, including the Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop.

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